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About Us

About Us

Pahartah, the name that in itself, is representing the colours of Earth, is a brand of ethical beliefs.

To bring back the essence of colours and nature back to life, we here in Pahartah are practicing the method of dying with the indigenous Argoya colours on natural textileto introduce diversity and ethical way of fashion to the society.

We are paving a way for fashion to have a more sustainable future.


I believe in bringing back the feeling of love, in this mechanical world. My, journey as a sustainable designer started, when I was studying designing from Pearl Academy. It was during my final project that I realised, I want a different path to the existing fashion world, which led me to choose a concept that brought me closer to nature and helped me in paving respect to mother Earth. The only thing that I was looking for was a way to pay gratitude to the environment, through my passionate stream, fashion. Fashion and a genuine care for environment, helped me to come up with a core essence of my brand, and that is Natural dyeing. As for me working with natural dye is like working with Earth on Earth, and that’s when Pahartah was born.

“Let’s not discuss about the verge of river
keep the enigma of survival fear,

Dig your foot to make a path
Ebb and flow is just a part.

Relish the journey you own
Ahh! I see building a stepping stone

Look behind this much you have covered
few more steps, amazing is discovered.” 

-Sakshi Khanna


We, as initials aim to reduce the use of carbon foot prints by eliminating chemical resources to yield a product, as the use of noxious chemicals didn’t only create unhealthy environment, but also had repercussion on both the wearers and the dyers. We believe in reusing and recycling our waste materials, to create new fabrics and products through it, to bring transparency to the brand.


There are people behind the clothes we wear and we desire for, who more often are placed in a bad working conditions. That’s why, here in Pahartah, we deliver our labours with best working environment, to help them achieve their dreams along with ours. The labours working in our company, are provided with different amenities, so that they are not exposed to any health hazards during the process. Further looked upon, they are given an authority, with the benefit of requesting for their needs when needed. They are prioritised first before any other needs.

i made your fabric
i made your clothes
ethical work environment

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