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Is sustainable packaging is the key to an ethical brand?!

A brand when claims their ethical beliefs and ethical development, it is not just limited to the quality of the products, or ethical process of making, or even the life-cycle; packaging is also the key element of it.


With the increase in awareness of global warming, deforestation, extinction of species majority of the upcoming and already existing brands is forming a ethical brand, to support our only habitable planet. But what some fail to understand is that sustainable / ethical fashion is not just about the process of the products created but it’s the entire process from the making till the packaging. Otherwise, there will be no difference between a fast fashion brand and a ethical fashion brand.

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Online shopping is growing so fast that the global online shopping market has predicted to hit 4 trillion this year; i.e. 2020 and in the US alone, it is expected to have 300 million online shoppers in 2023, that’s 91% of the entire country population. With the increase in the rate of percentage of online shoppers, also the packaging waste will increase just as much, maybe even double because of all the extra packaging wastes.


costal packaging wasteGlobal plastic production had reached 380 million metric tons in 2015, with around 40% used solely just for the packaging. Plastic packaging is made of multiple polymers and numerous additives together with other adhesives. These chemicals are released in a large amount during the manufacture of the packaging shells and boxes. Other hazardous chemicals used in plastics are intermediates, monomers, solvents, surfactants, plasticizes, stabilizers and colorants. Imagine with the increase in the online retail; that has grown by 16% in last year, how much chemicals and toxins might have been exposed and leaked especially leading to marine pollution.

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Packaging brings in the most amount of unnecessary waste, leading to:

  1. land pollution: All the packaging wastes including the chemicals used to produce non-environmental friendly packaging are dumped in landfills, leads to the destruction of landfill area, because not only it cannot be decomposed but at the same time it releases toxic chemicals which makes it even harder for the materials to decompose.
  2. Water pollution: When we use plastics to create our packaging, we don’t think of the consequences and its after-effects. We don’t realize that the ocean is dumped with our packaging wastes, that leads to the overflow of it. This endangers water species and creates a harmful environment for them to live on because of all the chemicals and the plastic traps.
  3. Climate change: Creation of plastics, use of chemicals and other toxins has led to an immense increase in the percentage of climate change because of all the resources that have been used to create it all. Lack of resources leads to climate change and global warming as our Mother Earth needs these basic calamities like, trees, water, clean air to function normally without any drawbacks.
  4. Deforestation: When we create packaging boxes and its components, we are demanding for the chopping of trees, and these trees are cut down every time we place an online order. If these boxes are not recycled or if it’s not recyclable, then the percentage of deforestation is going to just rise within every year and this planet will be left with just countable number of trees.

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This daily process is leading to a subconscious increase in the number of environmental hazards because it’s not just packaging that’s creating a negative impact but also the creation of non-ethical lifestyle products, though some of the brands are working hard to work against this odd through natural dyeing and use natural fabrics.

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Let’s start becoming a responsible consumer and seller when it comes to packaging. We should start producing and accepting packaging from only those ethical brands, who create a minimum amount of waste and who promote sustainable clothing with organic colors for a better tomorrow.

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