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King of Natural Dyes and Natural dyed clothing 2020!

Indigo, has always made its mark with a unique shade of blue that is admired by many on natural dyed clothing.

Indigo, the “king of natural dyes & natural dyed clothing”, has been used by our ancestors, since the ancient time till now. To obtain the shades of blue, especially the deep blue colour, in naturally dyed clothing. The light yellow substance present in the indigo plant leaves gives the colouring property to it, called as indicant.

Indigo plant

The origin of Indigo dye:

Indigo; a unique chapter of blue, has been used by our ancestors, since the ancient time. From over 6000 years ago, in the Indus valley on the Indian sub-continent, there are early archaeological finds of Indigo. Indigo is used in natural dyed clothing to drool upon in the ancient times.

Then from over 4000 years ago, there are archaeological finds of Indigo in Egypt, India and China. However, researchers believed that the history of indigo stems back even further, as early as the Neolithic age.

Our ancestors practiced Cave art using Indigo. It was a great source of coloured medium to paint their bodies. We call it Indigo because in Greek the meaning of this word is “coming from India”.

indigo natural dyed clothingFor creating natural dyed clothing in blue, there are many ways to obtain it in this world, but Indigo is the only dye that is long-lasting.

The colour Indigo, as seen does not appear the same in nature.

Though Indigo in naturally dyed clothing appears as deep blue, the plant does not show that colour. It does not show any blue in their leaves, stems or flowers. To achieve the indigo on naturally dyed clothing, the leaves of the plant are fermented.

From past till today Indigo in the industry of naturally dyed clothing has mentioned it’s place. As we evolved, the dyes and the chemicals evolved. Many people tried to create blue dye using synthetic materials but still didn’t match to indigo, it is still the most efficient blue dye.

In fact, there is no other substance that creates such intensive blue colour with such few carbon atoms in its molecule. Natural dyed clothing of Indigo is still the most loved.


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Indigo, from centuries, has evolved so much today, that the naturally dyed colour palette is incomplete without it. Indigo is the first colour that pops in our mind while thinking of naturally dyed clothing. It has created a way to reach everyone’s heart in an instant of blue coloured look.

‘Over one billion pairs of jeans are dyed in indigo blue colour every year’
indigo dyed denim fabric
Why Indigo Naturally dyed clothing is Environmental-friendly?

–    Does not contain harmful chemicals: To create naturally dyed clothing in Indigo, it does not demand chemical use. The chemicals which otherwise would cause major skin problems along with air and water pollution. Especially when the chemical clothing comes into prolonged contact with one’s skin. The toxic chemicals are often absorbed into the skin, especially when one’s body is warm and skin pores have opened to allow perspiration.

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hand painted natural clothing–    Renewable Resources:

Indigo dye along with natural dyed clothing of indigo represents a sustainable source. Even if there’s a synthetic side to it, they are a renewable source. No new resources or energy source will become a source for new naturally dyed clothing.

–    Indigo is a legume to fix nitrogen in the soil:

The dyes such as indigo plants have traditionally been a crop rotation. Indigo is a legume to fix nitrogen in the soil. Synthetic dyes affect the environment both to be produced, or to employment in the textile industry.

hands after indigo dye
–    Creates a safe working environment for the workers:

People who work day and night to create your naturally dyed clothing does not ask for much. They just wish for a safe working environment. As Indigo is a naturally fermented dye, it does not demand any chemical use. This allows the workers to hand-craft the dye and naturally dyed textile in a safe working condition.


Indigo dye has played a significant role in many cultures since ancient time. It always leaves a mark behind. Let it be as cave art, as a Japanese kimono, as a naturally dyed clothing or as a shade of blue that never fades away.


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