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naturally dyed organic cotton

Organic Kala cotton, The benefit of purely rain fed fabric

Organic Kala cotton, a purely rain-fed fabric, allows us to take a step towards sustainability and buy organic clothes; it is an interpretation of old craft into the new market.naturally dyed kala cotton fabric

Kala Cotton, an organic woven textile, is an interpretation of old craft, into the new market to buy organic clothes. It was not being appreciated as much as before until recently. This textile occurred as a dyeing piece of art.

Though currently with many designers who are supporting sustainability have started using Kala cotton in their collections making it known to many people. This helped a countless number of people who were uninformed of this beautiful piece of textile to buy organic clothes online. Today many have taken significant steps to fill in the void of dyeing textile of India.

It was a significant part of India and its cotton export trade to Britain in the time of colonization.

Kala Cotton has been a pride of India for centuries now. People in the western world became so mesmerized with the Kala cotton fabric in 5000 BCE after reading the writings of Greeks and Romans travels to India. They loved the cotton dresses by Indians so much that they traded it for spices to buy organic clothes.

It was around 1000 BCE that Gujarati traders had started exporting Kala cotton towards East and apart from spices it was the most thriving business at that time. Indian Kala Cotton was the largest manufactured product/textile from the time of the Roman Empire until the nineteenth century and a source to buy organic clothes.

Where is Kala cotton produced?

Kala cotton the pride of India is produced in Kutch, Gujarat. This place is famous for organic clothes, white ran, kite festivals, embroidery and beautiful fabrics.Kutch produces many numbers of fabrics such as jute, khadi, cotton silk, yarns and many more, but the most important of all is the Kala cotton. It helps to construct and to buy organic clothes.

organic kala cotton yarn
Why is Kala Cotton Organic?

Kala Cotton, the fabric produced in Kutch by farmers are one of the most organic crop grown and fabric produced because the farmers do not use any chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides to cultivate it. Kala Cotton, the fabric produced in Kutch by farmers are one of the most organic crop grown. It is the most organic fabric produced because the farmers do not use any chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides to cultivate it.

organic kala cotton farming

The fabric helps to produce complete organic clothes and helps the customers to buy organic clothes.It is a purely rain-fed crop, that does not demand any wastage of water or natural resources we are provided. The greatest challenge of today for customers is to find and buy organic clothes.

weaving organic clothes

Photo by Tiago Rosado on Unsplash

The greatest challenge faced by the cultivators today is to cultivate crops organically and sustainably. The cotton cultivators want to reduce chemical pesticides, chemical fertilizers and water wastage, to promote better working conditions for the farmers.

Kala Cotton’s way of cultivation serves as the best way, as the farmers can work in a farm field that is free of chemical fertilizers and products. This way of farming provides them with good health and prosperous working environment to produce one of the best quality product.

By choosing to buy organic clothes and the textile weaved from it, consumers are promoting the better health of the farmers. And the person who is putting their heart and soul into delivering it is a big task today. These farmers provide one the best of the products; such as organic dress, organic cotton scarf and many more.


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The benefit of Kala Cotton :

–    No wastage of water resources: As Kala cotton crop is a purely rain-fed crop, it does not demand any extra water supply. This step will help in saving the water resources that we lack nowadays.

–    Healthier soil quality: Kala cotton is a crop, that demands use of less natural resources and is resistant to drought. This step is one of the most benefited steps to buy organic clothes.

–    High tolerance for both disease and pests: Since it is by default organic crop, this crop once produced is naturally high tolerant to both disease and pests.

–    Strong, durable and stretchable: Even though the crop requires less use of resources, it still delivers good quality textile. It delivers good quality because of its short staple length. It is laborious, but at the same time it provides us with a textile, that is strong, durable and soft. It helps the customers to buy clothes that are durable.

–    Sustain farmers and artisanal livelihood: To help people buy organic clothes, the farmers and artisans work day and night on the farm-field. To produce the crop, the farmers and artisans who work on the field of Kala cotton, are not exposed to any chemicals. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are sprayed on the crop.

This process provides them with a non-toxic working environment and allows them to cultivate the crop, that is completely sustainable and organic.

buy organic kala cotton fabricKala Cotton is a fabric that allows us to take a step towards sustainable living, as the process is purely Eco-friendly till it’s end process.To produce this crop no pesticides and synthetic fertilizers are utilized as it is purely rain-fed cotton; It can serve as the stepping stone towards healthier living and conscious support for many farmers, workers and designers and consumers at the same time.


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