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3 Easy ways to take care of your natural clothing dye?!

Natural clothing dye is a way towards an ethical lifestyle. As the natural dye used for the natural clothing dye, is one of the most aesthetically and ethically valued substance. It demands no use of any chemicals, to protect our body from harmful toxins. So, when the natural dyed clothing, takes care of our well-being; why not provide them with the same care?!

natural clothing dye

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Natural dyed clothing demands easy and proper care. Care so that the colours stay vibrant as ever. Care, so that the touch and look feel as new and fresh as ever. wash care for natural dyed clothing.


Let s walk through the process of protecting the essence of nature through our natural dyes care instructions.


  1. How to wash your natural dyed clothes?

–   Hand-wash – Natural clothing dye takes effort and time to create. The fabric used to create natural clothing and natural clothing dyes are a sheer reflection of nature. These natural ingredients and fabrics are delicate, thus it is washed with hand. The natural clothing dye should be hand washed in cold water with mild soap.

–   Separate Wash – Wash it separately and do not let it rest in the water for long; remove it quickly. The natural clothing dye is favored washing separately; so that it does not absorb the colour bled from other fabrics. As natural clothing dye does not contain any chemicals for fixation unlike synthetic dyes it sometimes might drain its colour. This will spoil other clothing.

–    Soap-nut – Natural clothing dye, should not be washed directly with the soap. Do not let the cloth come in direct contact with the soap. First lather the soap in water, then dip the cloth inside.

–    Do not Bleach – Due to the delicacy of natural clothing dye, it should not be bleached or dry cleaned.

–    Store in a Dark Place – The light fastness of most natural clothing dyes are poor. This is why you should always store the naturally dyed cloth or natural clothing dye in a dark place. The dark place should contain less light penetration. This will help your natural clothing dye to stay intact on the fabric and will prevent fading off.


  1. How to store your natural dyed clothes?

–    Dry in the shade – Always dry your naturally dyed garments in the shade, without direct sunlight. This will help your natural clothing dye to stay intact on to the fabric and will prevent it from fading.

–    No direct sunlight – Direct sunlight usually changes the tint of the dye, or improvises the natural clothing dye to fade off. To prevent this, always store your naturally dyed clothes in a place where there is no direct sunlight.

–    Dark Wardrobe – To avoid direct sunlight and discoloration of natural dyed clothing, always store it in a dark wardrobe. This will keep the appearance of your naturally dyed clothing as good as new.

–    Dark Bag – You can also store your clothes in a dark shade bag, through which the light cannot penetrate.


For example, Indigo dye, when Indigo absorbs UV rays and is kept for long, without worn it then it will form a yellowish tint. Though it is easy to remove the yellowish tint, it is better to avoid it. To remove the yellowish tint, all you have to do is wash the garment to remove the yellow tint.

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  1. Which colourants should you prefer for natural dyeing?

Natural dyed clothing demands use of the good natural dyed product. So, choose the right product, as some dye stains and doesn’t stay for long. This will put all your efforts and time down the drain.

–  Good Colour fastness includes pomegranate peel, oak leaves, eucalyptus leaves, myrobalan, black & white catechu, onion skin, indigo etc.

–    Poor colour fastness like turmeric, red cabbage, beetroot etc. often stain off.

Always choose Good colour fastness products, as it gives us beautiful shades, along with excellent colour fastness.

natural dye wash care

Let us be a part of nature with natural dyed clothing. Let us protect our naturally dyed clothing and with simple and basic measures at home. and promote sustainable and Eco friendly products for better tomorrow.







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