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Why Natural Dyes are the best colored weave to be drooled upon?

Natural Dyes, as we know, is the natural extract from environmental substances. It is a way towards ethical lifestyle, as natural dye is one of the most aesthetically and ethically valued substance, which requires no chemicals to produce.

Raw flowers for natural dyeing                   natural dyeing extracts

Each shade produced during the dyeing process, has its own mystic and aesthetically pleasing hues, that differentiates one piece from another, as each colour produced by these natural elements, gives out different shades and textures to the fabric.

Natural dye sampels

Natural Dyes not only present beautiful pieces, but also takes care of the body it is worn by, as many of these dyes have antibacterial properties along with medicinal values. Many plants used for natural dyeing, has always been in the history of medicines since ages, and are still used to practice Ayurvedic form of medicine. These dyes when worn by the body, gets absorbed by our skin, hence protecting it from various allergies, bacteria and future possible diseases.

Hence application of natural dyes on high value apparel and functional textiles are gaining worldwide interest for its less toxic nature, better bio compatibility, biodegradability, producing elegant hues and highly functional value-added textiles as environment friendly oeko-tech / eco-friendly textiles for gaining popularity for natural dyed and finished as high valued textiles of tomorrow, if its revival strategies are well created and executed with utmost care with back up of sufficient scientific study with time bound growth plan and correct revival strategy.

natural dyeing ingredients

Naturally dyed fabrics also has high UV absorption quality in it, protecting our skin from harmful sun rays. At the end of its life-cycle, it is easily biodegraded, with non-toxic and non-allergic waste, hence protecting our environment from any harmful extractions. This is why, natural dye makes a high value for the soul wearing it, as it contains the love of mother nature, and to wrap a natural dyed fabric around one, is to wrap oneself in the arms of mother nature, by also protecting and helping it to survive.

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